Across Polyethylene
Across Polyethylene

Symphonic Picnic

The Symphonic Picnic invites people at Times Square to take a moment and drop beneath the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of a place where such uninterrupted contemplation is rarely afforded by creating an inviting space that differs from their preconceived notions of a Times Square experience.


The project aims to alter the environment of Time Square through a series of visual, audio and environmental elements - by setting up a configuration of astroturf and blankets to simulate an outdoor picnic space. The leisure and playful quality of a picnic is accentuated by interactive musical mushrooms that collaboratively manipulate sounds over a backing ambient track.



Symphonic Picnic was presented as a public exhibition in the games festival PlayTimesSquared at Times Square during July 14-16, 2016. Read more about it here.