Sumanth Srinivasan is an engineer exploring the cobwebs at the intersection of technology, art and culture. He likes using data synesthesia as an aesthetic, and often devotes his attention to looking at art from the view point of technology, and using machines and abstractions to solve(create) problems for artists. He is particularly fond of communication (or lack thereof) and the societal and aesthetic struggles that arise from it. Some of his work has resulted in projects commissioned by Times Square Alliance, and New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

He has an MS from Tandon School of Engineering at New York University currently spends a lot of his day time haggling with code that runs the video player at Vimeo.

He also makes music independently under the moniker Reckoner and frequently performs with other musicians. He plays the guitar and live codes rhythm collages. He would be more than happy to play with you. | twitter | github | resume | cv